Giving your child the best head start.

Alongside the importance of prenatal care is postnatal care. natrl water provides a welcome solution for postnatal care by offering the mother the perfect way to hydrate and recover after birth. It is also ideal for use in baby formulas, food preparation for infants, as well as weaning babies.

Mother’s Recovery

Once a mother has given birth, ample hydration is required to replenish fluids and minerals that may be lost. natrl water is perfectly balanced and will help you replenish the needful and get you ready for the next steps in motherhood.

After the baby is born, and the placenta delivered, the oestrogen and progesterone levels in your body start to drop. This makes way for the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland in your brain. Prolactin signals your body to make lots of milk to nourish your baby, and may also boost maternal instincts. During this process, it is important to stay hydrated to ensure milk supply for your baby.

Breast Feeding

During breastfeeding, mothers need to stay hydrated at all times, and there is no better water that gives babies adequate nutrition than natrl water, which the baby absorbs directly through breastfeeding. Hydration is not directly related to milk production, but it will help with general wellbeing of the mother and the child.

Formula Feeding

For formula feeding mums, natrl water is perfect for baby formula preparation as it is very low in sodium, and due to its 100% sterile nature, doesn’t require any additional sterilisation or boiling – making it perfect for on-the-go mums.

Weaning Babies

Weaning babies onto solid foods and getting them used to drinking water can be tricky. As a new mother it can be daunting trying to get your child to drink water. natrl water is the perfect choice due to its perfect balance of minerals and low sodium, and children love its soft taste. It is the ideal baby drinking water and the best drinking water in the UAE.

natrl water is also the best option for infant food preparation - such as rice, cereal, or vegetables - because it is absolutely sterile and full of vital minerals

Why is natrl water the preferred choice of water for expectant mothers?

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