Naturally sourced, naturally balanced.

What is most remarkable about natrl deep artesian natural mineral water is that it is extracted and bottled at the source, the Heretaunga Aquifer within the Heretaunga Plains, which is a one-of-a-kind aquifer that puts natrl water among the world’s finest quality water. Sourced from snow melt and alpine rain, which winds through pristine native forest before descending deep underground, makes natrl water a 100% naturally sterile water that is ready for use.

Due to the many years and kilometres it takes for the water to reach the aquifer, natrl water is completely sterile, uncontaminated and free from filtration or chemical treatments. Snow melt and alpine rain, from which natrl water is formed, gathers pace as it makes its way through pristine native forests before descending deep underground, seeping though a labyrinth of channels spreading out across the Heretaunga Plains, eastwards towards the coast. When the aquifer reaches Awatoto, the water is between 60-70 years old – ensuring that the water is sterile. During the final 40kms of the aquifer’s journey, it has changed from ‘unconfined’ to ‘confined’, which prevents contamination from the ground or surface water.

This means that at Awatoto the water is in the purest possible state; free from bacteriological and viral contamination, and therefore no filtration or chemical treatment is required.

Deep Artesian Natural Mineral Water Ideal for pregnant women and infants

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